The Zoku are a collective of posthumans originating from pre-Collapse MMORPG guilds. Each member is part of one or more group minds composed of many individuals whose minds are linked using quantum entanglement, mediated by zoku jewels. Physical zoku bodies, known as "trueforms," are foglet clouds surrounding human faces with haloes of jewels. However, zoku can manipulate this form into virtually any shape they wish. 

Known zokus

  • Great Game Zoku
    • High-level, "behind-the-scenes" zoku tasked with dealing with existential threats
  • War-Zoku
  • Notch-Zoku
    • Builders and architects, inspired by pre-Collapse game Minecraft
  • Evangelion-Zoku
    • Inspired by pre-Collapse anime Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Tube-Zoku
    • mass transit
  • Ganimard-Zoku
    • Tasked to pursue Jean le Flambeur
  • Gringotts-Zoku
    • Bankers and resource management
  • Highway-Zoku
    • space mass transit
  • Liquorice-Zoku
    • Minor zoku created by Mieli
  • Rainbow-Zoku
    • sysadmins, maintain the router network



The Zoku
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