Anton Vasilev is one of the seven Founders of the Sobornost. His copies, the vasilevs, are described as beautiful young men, with Slavic features, short blonde hair and blue eyes. As a copyclan they pursue the directive of uploading minds as gogols as their part of the Great Common Task. On Mars, they plied their trade as gogol pirates, using optogenetics to upload unwilling individuals possessing unique learnings or specialization. When physcially embodied, Vasilevs are described as violent when challenged, having a tendency to explode.

In The Causal Angel , Josephine Pellegrini reaveals that Anton Vasilev was recruited into the Founders to serve as their public face and endorser. She describes him as "a virtual popstar, a media cyborg, worshipped by millions". It is also revealed that Pellegrini regretted the method by which she recruited Vasilev, claiming she "left him with a wound that never healed", and it is implied that this is the source of his animosity towards her.  

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