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This wiki is all about Hannu Rajaniemi's trilogy, including The Quantum Thief, The Fractal Prince and The Causal Angel.

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The Fractal Prince[]

The Hunter, Tawaddud Gomelez, Dunyazad Gomelez, Mr Senn, jinn, thoughtwisp, the highway, Drathdor, Bojan Chen, Immortalser, the Kaminari jewel, Sumanguru, Kafur, Mutalibun, the City of the Dead, the Cry of Wrath, the Dark Man, ghul, wildcode, Uzeda Shard, Fast Ones, Seals, Secret Names, athar, Sirr-in-the-Sky, Sirr, the Axolotl, the Aun, the Gourd, Qush and Misr, the Repentants


The Oort cloud
People Mieli · Sydän · Karhu
Other Perhonen
The Oubliette
Concepts gevulot · agora · exomemory · Time · watches · phoboi
Groups The Quiet · The Voice · The tzaddik · Resurrection Men · The zoku
Citizens Isidore Beautrelet · Christian Unruh · Odette

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Sirr (Sirr-in-the-Sky, Earth)
Places Uzeda Shard · Banu Sasan · Gomelez Shard · The City of the Dead
People Tawaddud Gomelez · The Axolotl · Abu Nuwas
Groups The Aun · The Mutalibun · The Fast Ones
The Sobornost
Ideas Great Common Task · copyclan · Founder
Founders Matjek Chen · Joséphine Pellegrini · Engineer-of-Souls · Vasilev · Hsien-ku · Sumanguru
The Zoku
People Pixil · [[]]
Technology Realmspace · Realmspace sword · Realmgate · Zoku jewels · The Kaminari Jewel