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Affiliation Oortian

Sydän(Heart) is an Oortian woman and Mieli's lost lover.

Mieli wears a jeweled anklet chain that belonged to Sydän, a model of their first Oortian great work.

Mieli last saw her on Venus, as Amtor City was assimilated by the pellegrini[1] into a computational event horizon of a micro-singularity (black hole). Sydän ran into the assimilation storm in order to gain immortality as a Sobornost gogol. Mieli began serving the pellegrini in order to get Sydän back, as an acting prime[2] Pellegrini claimed Sydän was hers, and that Mieli would have to work to get Sydän back.

Spoiler: It is revealed in The Causal Angel (le Flambeur book 3) that Sydän was a construct of Joséphine Pellegrini created to get Mieli to work for her. When Mieli removes the jeweled anklet chain she grabbed off of Sydän's leg as Sydän ran into the storm, Mieli can no longer remember Sydän's face. The anklet chain's jewels are shown to be related to Zoku jewels in that they affect Mieli's volition such that when she is wearing it she is completely devoted to the idea of "rescuing" Sydän.


  1. See Sobornost Founders, Joséphine Pellegrini
  2. See Copyclan
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