World Mars

Oubliette was a Martian moving city. It was one of the last safe havens of baseline humanity in the solar system.

The citizens are very private, employing gevulot to shield themselves from each other. Each citizen has a certain amount of Time stored in a personal Watch, which they use as currency. Once their Time has been depleted, they become the Quiet, helping to protect the city from the phoboi that ravage Mars.

It was originally believed that Oubliette was founded by a man who, intending to be the King of Mars, brought a billion ​gogols to the planet for a private terraforming project; the project went awry when the gogols rebelled, became embodied citizens, and set up an e-democracy headed by The Voice. In actuality, the city was built as a panopticon prison by the Sorbornost, who used the gogols of political prisoners to terraform the planet. When the Collapse happened, Jean Le Roi and a few others were able to hack the panopticon software and fashion it into the exomemory system with the help of the zoku.

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The Oubliette
Concepts gevulot · agora · exomemory · Time · watches · phoboi
Groups The Quiet · The Voice · The tzaddik · Resurrection Men · The zoku
Citizens Isidore Beautrelet · Christian Unruh · Odette