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Matjek Chen
Affiliation Sobornost

Matjek Chen is a Sobornost Founder. He started the late 21st century political movement known as Fedorovism which eventually grew into the Sobornost. He is also caled the "Father of Dragons," as he is their creator as well. Chen appears as "a small, unassuming Chinese man with grey hair in sober monkish robes."

Chen was born to a Caucasian father (Bojan Chen, a famous beemee star) and an Asian mother who was a quantum hedge fund manager; the couple were extremely wealthy. In the 2060s, when Matjek Chen was seven, his parents had a copy of his mind uploaded to a heaven run by the Jannah Corporation. The heaven appears as a beach where a gogol of the seven year-old Matjek plays with his toys, and runs on a computer powered by fusion and geothermal energy located in Turkey.

Chen later seeks that gogol because its innocence is necessary to unlock a zoku device called the Kaminari jewel.


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