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Joséphine Pellegrini
Affiliation Sobornost

Joséphine Pellegrini was one of the Sobornost Founders.[1] She tends to appear as a white woman in her early forties with auburn hair, wearing a white dress and a diamond necklace. Sometimes she wears a white summer dress and carries a white parasol. Before the Collapse, she was a patron of Matjek Chen and some of the other Fedorovists.

She engineers Jean le Flambeur's escape from the Dilemma Prison and employs him to steal a Schrodinger Box that contains a gogol of the Founder Summanguru as part of a plot to protect herself from Anton Vasilev and Hsien Ku.

Sasha the Engineer creates the Hunter for Joséphine so that she can find le Flambeur and Mieli after the two flee from her with the Schrodinger Box. Sasha realizes that "even after three centuries and billions of branchings" he still has strong feelings for her, and offers to protect her. She claims that he's not strong enough to do so, and would be destroyed by the other Founders. Instead, she needs Chen to be her defender, and to get Chen to agree she must help him obtain a weapon to use against the others.


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