Guberniya are planetoid sized machines made of computronium, and are thus large super-computers. Used for numerous purposes, each one is under the control of a “Founder”. The Guberniya houses that founders related copyclan and any captured gogols. Each Sobornost Founder has their own Guberniya. The Guberniya are multi role vessels, serving as Sobornost headquarter structures, war machines, and vir cages. The vir cages, are used to imprison threats, chiefly, Dragons. A disasterous, self-evolving creation of the Sobornost, Dragons were originally an aggressive means for optimising humans. They remain restrained within the vir cage, of the Founders Guberniya, with the implication that they could be used again, thus forming a palpable part of a Founders power.

There is one Guberniya located inside Venus. The other four remain mobile, shifting throughout the solar system.

The energy and materials required to create and operate a Guberniya is sourced using the process of sunlifting: extracting mass and energy directly from the solar systems sun.

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