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Gogols are uploaded human minds, often enslaved and used to perform complex computational tasks. The Sobornost Founders have extensive copyclans consisting of countless gogols that have been cloned from an original Prime upload.


The term gogol is defined by Rajaniemi as: a dead soul, the uploaded mind of a human being, enslaved to carry out tasks, anathema to anyone from the Oubliette.

Rajaniemi, Hannu (2011-05-10). The Quantum Thief (Kindle Locations 565-566). Macmillan. Kindle Edition.

The term "gogol" may be derived from Nikolai Gogol, a 19th-century Russian writer who authored a famous satirical novel titled Dead Souls. In the novel, Russian feudal serfs are treated as commodities, and are referred to as "souls" in property registers; even deceased serfs are still accounted for as "dead souls". This ties to the use of "gogol" to refer to a destructively uploaded human mind - a digital "soul" of a person whose original biological body is dead.


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